How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help You

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  • Strengthen tooth function with crowns
  • Brighten your teeth with whitening
  • Reshape and resize teeth with veneers
  • Rejuvenate the look of teeth with white fillings
  • Improve your overall smile confidence!

According to multiple studies, groups of people who think of themselves as lucky end up smiling twice as often as those who think of themselves as unlucky. They’ve also been reported to focus on keeping eye contact in comparison to “unlucky” people. This results in increased social interactions that produce more opportunities for positive experiences, which boosts confidence levels – and even your overall health!

Which treatments are part of cosmetic dentistry?

Though the focus of cosmetic dentistry isn’t on tooth health, these treatments can benefit your smile and tooth function. Regardless of if your motivation for considering these options is socially or professionally motivated, here are some offerings to choose from:

  • Go bright with whitening. Studies show that those with whiter teeth are most often thought to be more attractive. It’s also well-documented that people who don’t like the look of their teeth often experience lacking self-confidence in their career and relationships. This easy and convenient treatment can bolster your confidence with impressive results.
  • Eradicate filling shadows with dental bonding. Over time, silver fillings can make teeth look dark and shadowy. Replacing these versions with the composite materials used in dental bonding allow for your natural tooth shade to be matched, brightening your overall smile as a result!
  • Look younger and improve your smile aesthetic with veneers. Even the most stubborn staining and discoloration, crack, chips and sizing issues can be benefited by veneers. Smiles with gaps can also be updated!
  • Use a crown to strengthen a damaged tooth. Not only will it protect a vulnerable tooth by placing a “cap” over its roots, it can help prevent tooth loss.
  • Craft an aesthetically pleasing gumline. Gum sculpting and veneers offer great solutions for people experiencing early-stage gum recession and those looking to eradicate a “gummy smile.”
  • Utilize orthodontics to straighten your smile. Offering solutions for overbites, underbites, jaw alignment issues as well as crooked, crowded teeth, orthodontic options can literally transform smiles. We provide Invisalign® treatment to straighten teeth with clear, plastic aligners that are customized to your smile and gradually shift teeth into their desired position.

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Research shows us that people who consider themselves lucky smile twice as much as unlucky people … and they engage in more eye contact than unlucky people do.