Dental Bonding Boosts Your Smile Strategy

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  • Boost your smile confidence
  • Hide minor stains and chips
  • Strengthen damaged teeth
  • Repair decayed teeth
  • Close gaps between teeth

Using tooth-colored molding material that’s applied and hardened on your teeth, dental bonding effectively rebuilds damaged or decayed areas while also enabling your dentist to make cosmetic improvements to your smile. Best of all, the process is cost efficient and the results are so natural looking that no one else will know the difference!

Here are instances in which dental bonding may be right for you:

  • A great alternative to silver amalgam fillings, dental bonding is especially helpful when aesthetics are important. They can also be a great way to update your smile with old silver fillings need to be replaced.
  • Teeth that appear “too small” can be built up, and spaces between teeth can be filled when they look or feel too far apart.
  • Have a tooth with an irregular shape? Bonding offers a great solution for this, and for repairing chips and fractures.
  • Here’s great news: Bonding can mask stubborn tooth stains and discolorations!

By practicing careful, ongoing at-home care, teeth that are bonded can look great for years before needing any touch ups.

What first impression do you make? 

Not surprisingly, teeth have a significant impact on how people form opinions about us.

For example, studies show that how much tooth you show when smiling affects how old you look. More youthful smiles are known to have longer front teeth that create a line that extends downward in the middle and then moves up toward the corners. People with older smiles are more likely to have worn front teeth, making their teeth appear more horizontal. A tooth that’s experienced chipping, discoloration, and/or staining can also make a smile look older.

With modern dentistry, the clock can be turned back on your smile. At Smile Studio Dentistry of Baltimore, we know that bonding is an effective and durable option for improving smiles in myriad ways.

What can you expect with dental bonding treatment?

Teeth that will receive bonding treatment will have their surface slightly roughened with a conditioning liquid to help the bonding adhere. Then, a putty-like resin will be applied on the tooth before it’s molded to the ideal shape that best suits your smile. The final step includes an ultraviolet light or laser that will harden the bonding material in place. And the best part: Every step of the process is completely painless!

How should you care for your teeth following bonding treatment?

Just as your natural teeth require daily care, so do bonded teeth. Brushing twice and flossing once daily is ideal to help keep teeth looking and feeling their best.

Keep in mind that bonded teeth are vulnerable to staining, so be aware of how many foods and drinks you consume that may contribute to discoloration.

Remember, dental bonding…

  1. Is an affordable way to update and transform your smile.
  2. Is a simple treatment that takes just 30-60 minutes a tooth.
  3. Is minimally invasive.
  4. Is able to be matched to your natural tooth shade.
  5. Is, in many cases, able to be performed with one visit.

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Although Mother Nature does it best when it comes to teeth, a dental technique known as dental bonding is a close second! This treatment uses a special tooth-colored molding material bonded directly onto your teeth to rebuild damaged teeth or make cosmetic improvements to your smile.