Preventive Dentistry: Let’s Master It Together!

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  • Minimize the development of oral problems in the short and long term
  • Learn how to care for your oral health properly
  • Correct any existing dental issues right away
  • Understand the connection between your oral and overall health
  • Make preventive visits to our office an ongoing part of your life!

The importance of your teeth in everyday life can’t be understated. Not only are they integral to your smile and ability to communicate effectively, they also give the lower area of your face its unique shape.

In addition to the benefits a healthy smile brings to your outward appearance, the impact it has on your overall health are even more impactful. This is why we are so focused on teaching our patients about the importance of preventive dentistry – both in and out of our office.

To build and sustain optimal oral health, you should visit us, your dentist in Baltimore, bi-annually, or more often, depending on your unique needs.

What’s involved with preventive dentistry? 

Dentistry methods that are designed to intercept damage caused by decay, cracks, infection, gum disease, oral cancer, and more, preventive care treatments includes:

  • ongoing homecare (brushing twice and flossing once daily)
  • ongoing visits to Smile Studio Dentistry of Baltimore, where you’ll receive:
    • thorough professional cleaning
    • chip or crack repair for small tooth injuries
    • treatment for decay
    • oral cancer assessments
    • gum disease exams & treatment plans, if necessary
  • education on best-practice dental tips:
    • brushing & flossing instruction
    • suggestions on when to use a mouthguard (i.e., during sports like basketball, hockey, soccer, football, boxing, etc.)
    • not using your teeth as tools

Preventive dentistry benefits you can expect:

Oral and overall health are significantly benefitted by diligent at-home and in-office preventive care. Studies show that there’s a deep connection between oral and overall health, and we know that there are links between your mouth and overall systemic health. It’s also becoming more clear that science links poor oral and negative impacts on specific health problems. Here’s a list of some conditions that can be impacted by lacking dental habits:

  • Diabetes –  People with this condition are more likely to experience gum disease, potentially because they are vulnerable to infections. Diabetics with gum disease often have more difficulty controlling their blood sugar levels.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease – A bacteria known as Porphyromonasgingivalisthat harms gum tissue has been associated with Alzheimer’s disease. It’s thought to increase the production of plaques associated with the disease.
  • Heart Disease – People with untreated gum disease see their risk of developing heart disease rise by approximately 300%.
  • Stroke – Patients with untreated or undiagnosed gum disease are far more likely to experience a stroke, making every recall regular recall appointments hugely important!
  • Respiratory Diseases – Gum disease has been scientifically proven to worsen inflammation caused by lung diseases (including asthma and COPD).

As your dentist in Baltimore, our goal is to keep your mouth – and, by association, your body! – healthy. Prioritize your oral health by seeing us at least twice a year, and try not to skip or postpone your recall appointments with us.

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Your teeth play an important role every single day. They make a beautiful smile, helping you to communicate quickly. (Did you know you can see a smile from the distance of a football field?!) Your teeth also enable you to chew food and speak clearly. They also give your face its distinctive shape and the confidence you carry throughout the day.